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PNW seafood


farm to Table

Raw Hama-Hama oysters

Broiled Hama-Hama oysters

Hama-Hama Savory Manila Clams


Oh Yeah Farms Squash Puree
yogurt, Anjou crostini


House-Smoked Cod Bruschetta
D'anjou Bakery crostini, fresh dill cream cheese, Siri Farm pea shoots
pickled red onion

Tuscan Style Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta
D'anjou Bakery crostini, Sunny Pines chèvre, basil pesto, micro greens

Oregon Buffalo Carpaccio
Washington Coast sea beans, Oh Yeah Farm arugula, watermelon radish
parmesan, champagne vinaigrette


Washington Poached Pear
mixed greens, Rouge River gorgonzola,
candied walnuts, Joel Gott riesling vinaigrette

Sunflower Sprouts &  Arugula
roasted walnut oil & yogurt vinaigrette, Sunny Pine chèvre
charred onion, toasted pine nuts

Baby Spinach & Washington Apple
Hempler's bacon vinaigrette, Beecher's cheddar, fennel, radish, garlic crouton


Watershed Garden Herb-Cured Organic Chicken Confit
savory Anjou bread pudding, poultry reduction, cranberry relish, candied almonds

Basil Pesto Crusted Wild PNW Cod
forbidden black rice, arugula salad, saffron Chardonnay beurre blanc

Lemon Butter Roasted Wild AK Salmon
organic stoneground polenta, sherry shallot dressing, micro celery, roasted red pepper coulis

Grape Leaf-Wrapped All-Natural Oregon Pork Tenderloin
potato croquette, roasted spaghetti squash, oyster mushroom ivory

Double R Ranch Beef Meatloaf
classic whipped potatoes, roasted cremini mushrooms, green peppercorn herb gravy


Tahitian Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée

Oh Yeah Farms Hard Wheat Crunchy Shortbread
cookies & creme anglaise, Washington apple compote

Warm Flourless Chocolate Cake
housemade caramel sauce, San Juan sea salt
local-made vanilla ice cream

Sunny Pine Chèvre & Wenatchee Apple Butter
Prey's Barn apples, candied walnuts






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artisanal bone broth soups

Yodelin 13 Gf - Halibut Bone Coconut curry broth, rice noodles, Edamame, King oyster mushroom, roasted red peppers, power greens, cilantro, radish

hollywood 13 gf, v, soy free - Organic vegan coconut ginger carrot broth, organic jasmine brown rice, peanuts, roasted red peppers, power greens, radish, Thai basil, mint

moonlight 13 - Wild Salmon Miso Bone Broth, ramen noodles, nori, organic vashon island tofu, shitake mushrooms, edamame, power greens, radish, green onions

rooster comb 12 gf - draper valley organic chicken bone broth, chicken breast, elbow noodles     mirpoix vegGies, marjoram

Cowboy Ridge 15 - North american elk and bison CHIli , cumin, coriander, tillamook cheddar, sour cream, tortilla chips and cilantro

half moon Bay 15 - 100% Wa Dungenuss Crab tomato fennel broth, Elbow macaroni, parmesan, marjoram and italian parsley

Add to any broth bowl - wild oregon bay shrimp 3 - vashon Island orgnic tofu 3 

Add enchantments Side Salad 6


 power salads

enchanments 12 gf, local greens, WA Organic quinoa, cucumber, tomato, radish, candied pecans, feta, Easley farms' Sunflower Sprouts, maple dijon vinaigrette                                 

Valhalla noodle 12 gf - forbidden black Rice Noodles, Sweet Chilli ginger lime sauce, roasted peanuts, tomato, cucumber, radish, Spicy micro greens, thai basil, mint

aloha chicken 13 organic chicken, tomato, cucumber, radish, thai basil, mint, micro greens, peanuts, steamed organic jasmine rice, sweet and sour chili lime ginger vinaigrette

Organic kale ceasar 12 - dino kale, parmesan, lemon, ceasar dressing, pretzle chip coutons

pacific northwest wild salmon bowl 19 - broiled 5oz wild sokeye salmon, fried egg, ca avocado,radish,  tomato, cilantro, spicy micro greens, steamed organic brown jasmine rice, sesame ginger vinaigrette

Add to any Salad - oregon bay shrimp 3 vashon island organic tofu 3 organic chicken 4


cheese burger in leavenworth! 

1/2 pound Snake River Farms Waygu Beef Burgers

served with Tims potato chips and wa apples

Yodelin Burger 15 -Tillamook White Cheddar, Lettuce, tomato, Onion, Black pepper Aioli, Brioche Bun

Rodeo Burger 17 - Tillamook White Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Roasted red Peppers, King Oyster mushrooms, Black Pepper Aioli, Brioche Bun

asgard Burger 21 - tillamook white cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, fried egg, avocado, hemplers bacon, black pepper aioli, brioche bun

add - small enchantments side salad 6

gluten free buns available 2

signature sandwiches

served with tims potato chips and wa apples

shrimp roll 13 - wild oregon bay shrimp salad, anjou brioche bun, spicy micro greens, lemon aioli

oh sweet potato bahn mi 13 - french baguette, roasted sweet potato, pickled carrots, cucumber, radish, thai basil, Mint, Cilantro, Sesame seeds, Siracha aioli, lime, bahn mi dressing

black bird island classic blt 12 - hemplers bacon, tomato, local greeens, baguette, black pepper aioli ( add 2 eggs $2)

add - enchantments side salad 6

gluten free buns available 2


happy wave 4 gf v - organic chia seed coconut milk and lime, vanilla bean chia seed pudding, candied ginger

chocolate mountain 4 gf - flourless chocolate fudge style brownie



applegate hot dog 6- hawaiian sweet bun, wa fruit, Tim's chips

udon noodles bowl & edamame 7 - pick your broth

kids bento plate 6 - organic chicken or vashon island organic tofu, wa fruit, baby carrots, cheddar cheese